Fine Arts Collection

Collection of my personal works

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“A Study of Pinecones”. Pencil.

"In the Kitchen: Still Life with Teapot and Bottles”. Oil on canvas.

“In the past: Still Life with Green”. Oil on canvas.

“Still Life of Sliced Bell Pepper”. Charcoal.

“Dad’s Lion Roar”. Oil on canvas.

“Flower Show”. Mixed media. Pencil, colored pencil, paper, digitally edited.

“Nana’s Rose”, acrylic on canvas

“I Love My Still Life in Tea Pot”. Acrylic on canvas.

“Tweedledee and Tweedledum” . Alice in Wonderland book illustrations, 1 of 2. Mixed media pen & ink, colored pencil.

“The Whiting and the Snail”. illustrations mixed media in pen and ink and colored pencil.

“Sliced in Half Chiaroscuro Heart”. Colored pencils.

“RIP Aiko 2010-2011”. Acrylic on Canvas.

“In the Sitting Room: Still Life with Blue Bottles”. Oil on canvas.